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Entry after the third call is prohibited

The administration asks you not to be late, having calculated your time so that there are 10 minutes left before the start of the performance
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Cannot be brought into the hall

Food, water and other beverages are not allowed to be brought into the hall
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Mobile phone

Mobile phones and other noise-producing devices must be turned off before the start of the performance
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All areas of the theater are non-smoking
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During the performance

During the performance, audio and video recording, as well as photography without the permission of the directorate are not allowed.
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If your seat is taken

If your seat is taken, please contact your administrator


Every visit to the theater should be a holiday. A person, coming to the theater, relaxes, enjoys the atmosphere of beauty, which is created not only by the elegant decoration of the halls, but also by the appearance of the guests. The theater administration does not require strict observance of the dress code, but we would like to see our guests dressed up and solemn. Your hairstyle should not interfere with the viewing of the performance by the audience sitting behind.

Children and theater

The doors of the theater are open to everyone. We pay great attention to the younger generation and welcome young viewers. But in the practice of most theaters in the world for children, there are age restrictions, because opera and ballet require a long intense attention. So, we invite children from the age of 10 to the evening performance, and from the age of 5 to the morning performance (with the obligatory presence of a ticket). And also, when choosing a performance to visit and watch, we ask you to get acquainted with the summary and age limit indicated in the poster.

Your safety is in our hands

Our theater has security staff who guarantee complete safety for our guests. The theater administration asks you not to bring piercing and cutting objects with you, which can injure other spectators, as well as damage the property of the theater.