Debut of Anel Rustemova

The lead role in the ballet “Karagoz” will perform Anel Rustemova, it will be the debut as a leading soloist for the ballet artist. Arman Urazov will perform Syrym and Tair Gatauov will perform Narsha. The premiere of the national ballet, with choreography by the Professor of the European Ballet Academy, laureate of the international choreographers’ competitions Vakil Usmanov, will take place on the main stage of Astana Opera House on December 5.


Astana Opera” leading soloist Anel Rustemova noted that the role of Karagoz is very complex emotionally; it shows an extraordinary life of the extraordinary young woman. – The tragedy of the heroine is very difficult to live out on stage. It is necessary to convey the essence of the production not only with the language of dance, every thought has to be displayed with the help of each glance, each gesture. The choreographer put a great emphasis on the acting skill”, – says the dancer.

There is nothing scarier than losing your sanity at such a young age, when life is just starting out. I feel great compassion for Karagoz. It is always difficult to portray death for an actor. I feel like I am dying along with her with each new rehearsal. I need time to recover after the performance”, – shared Anel Rustemova.

To the question, what gives her strength and inspiration Anel replied that it is the support of the loved ones. «I have to say a big thank you to my family and teachers – Tursynbek Nurkaliyev and Galiya Buribayeva. I would also like to thank the choreographer Vakil Usmanov”.

Anel is dancing with Arman Urazov for the first time. “Arman is very diligent, responsible and hardworking artist; he has a good stage experience. In addition, I will dance with the brilliant ballet dancer, charismatic Tair Gatauov. This is a new production for us, so I feel very excited. I hope that the audience will appreciate the ballet “Karagoz”, – said the leading soloist.



The Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abzal Mukhitdinov and Professor of the European Academy of Ballet, international choreographers’ competitions laureate Vakil Usmanov carried out the music redaction of the ballet “Karagoz”.

– The concept of this redaction of the ballet is broader than the original musical source – the ballet “Karagoz” by Gaziza Zhubanova.In addition, it is closer to the literary source – says the Music Director of the Theatre. – To reveal diversity of musical and choreographic images we had to look at the whole creative legacy of Gaziza Zhubanova. Thus, in addition to the music of the ballet “Karagoz” in this redaction we are using the Third Symphony “Saryozek Metaphors”, Violin Concert and two parts of the String Quartet. Gaziza Zhubanova’s music is very complex; it requires intense concentration and the audience’s reaction”, – explained Abzal Mukhitdinov.

According to the story, Karagoz, the beloved granddaughter of the great baybishe Morzhan from the rich clan Oser is getting ready to become the wife of Narsha from the mighty clan Dosan. However, the hereditary mental illness transmitted through the maternal line is letting itself known. To play a trick on the bride, one of her friends dressed as Narsha, others dressed as dragonflies. Frightened, Karagoz runs away to the steppe, at the risk of getting lost there. Her longtime friend Syrym, a wonderful young sal (free singer and entertainer) comes to her aid. At one time, a mutual grief got the young people closer to one another – both of them lost their mothers at an early age. All the feelings that Karagoz had prepared for her fianc?, she has transferred onto her savior Syrym now, discovering an unknown world of love. However, the age-old traditions are stronger than feelings, and she is forced to marry Narsha, who is in love with her, but whom she herself does not love. Karagoz runs away to Syrym, but the chase catches the fugitives. Karagoz goes completely insane. Right before her death, her sanity returns to her and she sees her beloved Syrym and Narsha. Both are ready to give their lives for her, but life leaves Karagoz herself. She found happiness in her utter unhappiness.

Set and Costume Designers of the production Sofya Tasmagambetova and Pavel Dragunov told us that: “we have tried to implement the ideas of the choreographer Vakil Usmanov in our work. This is a classic setting at heart, compositional levels of which are in constant dynamic development. Narrative, partly realistic first act changes into the phantasmagoria of the second act. The scenography of the ballet “Karagoz” is a symbiosis of lines, shapes, colors and light. While working on it, we have tried to consider all the technical possibilities of the theatre.

The modern materials were used in the manufacturing of the set pieces. Thus, the unique processing allows the foam to transform this material almost into concrete. This is done in order for the scenery to be preserved for as long as possible and so that it can be transported when the theatre goes on tour.

Music – Gaziza Zhubanova

Choreographer – Vakil Usmanov

Music Director and Conductor – Abzal Mukhitdinov

Assistant Conductor – Arman Urazgaliyev

Set and Costume Designers – Sofya Tasmagambetova, Pavel Dragunov

Lighting Designer – Dmitry Simkin

Ballet in two acts with one intermission. Running time 1 hour 50 minutes.

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