Theatre Etiquette

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

  • Entrance to the auditorium after the third ring is prohibited. We recommend you arrive at the Astana Opera House a minimum 10 minutes before the performance starts.
  • If your seat is busy, please contact the administrator.
  • Food, water and other beverages are not permitted in the auditorium.
  • To record or photograph the performance without the permission of the Directorate is strictly forbidden.
  • Mobile phones and other devices should be turned off before the performance starts.
  • It is prohibited to visit the Theatre when intoxicated.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all halls and foyers.
  • Material damage caused to the Theatre shall be recovered from the guilty parties in the manner prescribed by the laws.


Every visit to the Theatre is a celebration of soul. A person who comes to the Theatre, first of all, enjoys the atmosphere of beauty, which is created not only by elegantly decorated halls, but also by the appearances of guests. Theatre administration does not require the audience to comply with the dress code, but we would like to see our guests beautifully attired. Any hairdo shall not prevent the viewers sitting behind from watching the performance.

Children and the Theatre

The Astana Opera House is open to everyone. We pay great attention to the younger generation, and are glad to see children seated next to an accompanying adult. However, like many world theatres, we apply restrictions to children’s age, because any performance requires attention. Therefore, we invite children over the age of 10 to an evening performance if they have tickets. Children over the age of 5 can visit a morning performance, if they have tickets.

Your safety is in our hands

Astana Opera Security Guards ensure complete safety of our guests. It is not allowed to bring in bladed or pointed articles that can injure other spectators, as well as damage the property of the Theatre.

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