Symphonic Premiere in the Style of Alan Buribayev

Principal Conductor of the Astana Opera, Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Alan Buribayev will present the premiere of virtuosic Symphony No.2 (‘Resurrection Symphony’) by one of the most performed European composers Gustav Mahler. On March 16, the Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, as well as famous opera primas Maira Mukhamedkyzy and Dina Khamzina will be performing at the opera house’s Main Hall.


Music of the great Austrian composer and conductor Gustav Mahler is among the highest achievements of the world’s symphonic art.

The celebrated maestro from Kazakhstan, one of the most sought-after conductors today Alan Buribayev has performed Mahler’s symphonies at the best international venues many times. Famous musician said that it is humaneness and high ideas of the composer that make his work so relevant at the moment.

To deeply feel, understand and love Mahler’s works, finishing special universities is not necessary. All it takes is just opening your mind, heart and soul to this music. Gustav Mahler addresses everyone. In the Symphony No.2 he tries to answer the questions that are of concern to every one of us, “What is purpose of life? What do we want to accomplish on this earth?” shared Alan Buribayev.

The outstanding composer’s grand work is characterized by themes that are close and understandable to everyone, and also its original ideas, rich, expressive language and enormous scale. Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.2, which will be performed in Astana for the first time, will involve a record number of musicians – a double composition of the Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra.

We perform these great timeless scores, because we want to be better in everything that makes us human, to achieve higher goals. I sincerely hope and believe that at the end of the evening, we, the musicians, as well as the listeners will have many fresh ideas, experiences, feelings; we will learn something new about ourselves. For us it will be a landmark concert, which will instantly raise our symphony orchestra to a new professional level. I am very glad that Gustav Mahler’s music will be heard in the cultural space of our country,” said the maestro.

The vocal part of the musical work, which will be performed by leading opera soloists Maira Mukhamedkyzy and Dina Khamzina and the opera house’s chorus, is written to the verses by an eminent German poet of the XVII century F. Klopstock and the poetic words of the composer’s own authorship.

Principal Choirmaster – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Dautov. The host of the concert – ‘Madeniet Kairatkeri’ Marzhan Zhakenova.

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