Baroque Style Premiere

One of the most significant works of the German classic – Mass in B minor by J.S. Bach will be presented for the first time performed by the Astana Opera Chamber Choir and Orchestra. On May 24, a grand concert from the series Baroque Music Lounge will be held in the opera house’s Marble Hall. Conductor – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Abzal Mukhitdinov. Principal Chorus Master – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Dautov.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Mass in B minor for the choir, soloists and orchestra crowns the creative work of the great composer of the Baroque period. It reveals the utmost depth of the true nature of Bach’s art, complex, powerful and beautiful. The hidden meaning of this singular cycle is in the contrast of death and the all-conquering power of life. Various aspects of the same idea form the main content of the entire work. The composer created his brilliant work, dedicated to the Elector of Saxony Augustus III, over many decades. Thanks to its depth of thoughts and feelings, philosophical wisdom, humanity, emotional strength, richness of the musical and poetic images, the Mass still remains an unsurpassed example of a majestic musical creation.

In his Mass in B minor, J.S. Bach fully expresses his attitude to the world, discloses his life ideals, glorifying man’s readiness for the feat of self-sacrifice. He reveals with great inspiration the eternal themes of life and death, joy and suffering, hopeless sorrow and rejoicing.

This evening a singer with a rare type of voice – countertenor Batyrzhan Smakov will perform the Alto part. Brilliant Principal Soloists – Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan Aigul Niyazova and Honoured Artist of Bashkortostan Alfiya Karimova are preparing the Soprano parts, tenor – Narul Toikenov, bass – Yermek Kasym.

Multifaceted and exquisite, the music of this large-scale work is ‘gothic’ in its form, full of love and hope. There is hidden symbolism in the Mass: biblical images and secret messages, hitherto very little-known, can be read in the graceful overflows of beautiful melodies and complex modulations. In Europe (mainly in Germany), musicologists work on deciphering the music of J.S. Bach. We already know for certain that the composer ‘encrypted’ almost all the biblical parables, thereby creating in the language of music certain spiritual messages in his creations,” said Batyrzhan Smakov.

The Host – Madeniyet Kairatkeri Marzhan Zhakenova.

The concert starts at 19:00.

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