Astana Opera House announces a competition

For many people the second half of May is associated with the end of school season and final exams. There will be some kind ofexamination at the Astana Opera House. The competition for the soloists to be held in order to reveal what the artists achieved in this theater season. On the contrary, those who gave themselves a weakness and their jobs are at risk. But the theatre’s administration immediately informed that the main goal is to keep the creative team in the same composition.

A competition will be held from 18 to 27 May 2014. The choral artists, orchestra musicians, opera singers, ballet dancers and concertmasters will participate in this audition. In addition to domestic experts, the authoritative jury members from such countries as Greece, Germany, Italy and Russia are invited to carry out this contest.

The annual competition for the artists and theatre’s instrumentalists is a worldwide practice that allows creative teams to be in a constant tonus.It should be recalled that the artists of the Astana Opera House work on a contract basis. A contract was concluded for one year with every employee and now they face the challenge to confirm their right to occupy their positions. The conditions created in a new theatre are worth it, since the master-classes with outstanding Italian maestros, world tours give a huge impetus to the development of talented musicians.

The artists from Kazakhstan as well as the residents of neighboring countries in Asia, Russia, Europe and America can take part in the forthcoming competition. The auditions will be held by appointment only. The terms of the competition are available on the web-page of the Astana Opera House.

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