Installation of Italian Scenery at the Astana Opera House

A premiere production of Tosca opera will be held at the Astana Opera House. The theatrical scenery from Teatro alla Scala was moved to Astana.

The magnificent costumes were created by Vera Marzot and Margherita Palli worked over the massive decorations. The works of the Italian masters were carefully transported from Milan, the theatrical heart of Italy.

Huge columns weighing from 100 up to 500 pounds were constructed as a house of cards on the stage in a few days. Italian high-level professionals and technicians have been working on the stage as the installation technology differs from Kazakhstan’s one. All the works are planned to complete by May 7.



The pictures of buildings and temples slightly damaged are symbolizing not only the material damages but the feelings and experiences that are reflected in the decorations of Italian Romanesque style.

The opera house prepared the embodiment of new ideas for the audience. The paintings of battles will look incredibly realistic due to the stage requisites. A real smoke will come out of the weapon after shooting.

The costumes are also of great importance. Costume design brings us back to the times when the French army under the leadership ofNapoleon invaded Italy in 1800Everything is up to the old times including selection of colors and materials. Costumes are made of natural fabrics  wool and cottonSome of costumes impress with the variety of inlays and prints, while others with its simplicity.

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All the costumes are almost made by hand despite the fact that this is a very big production. It is also noteworthy that the young soloists of the Astana Opera House will also participate in the show. The youngest soloist is of 15 years old and the oldest is of 15.

Children have been preparing with special excitement as they will be performing on the stage with the brightest stars of opera Marcelo Alvarezand Anna Pirozzi. The visitors and residents of Astana have an opportunity to see exclusively the original production of Teatro alla Scala. The plot of the world’s most performed opera is a modern thriller with chases, executions and love as well. Tosca, the main character falls in love with Mario Cavaradossi, a painter. A spectator should only guess what will be in the ending as the director prepares something gorgeous. The works by Luca Ronconi, the most in-demand director in the world, impresses even the bold imagination.


 Famous Italian cast has arrived in Kazakhstan. Rehearsals are in full swing. Anna Pirozzi says that she was glad to accept an offer to perform on the stage of a new theatre. ‘People talk a lot about the Astana Opera House in Italy. I was interested to see a new theatre firsthand. I will sing with Marcelo Alvarez. Before that I was singing this role in the production of French director in the theatre in Turin. Tosca’s character is very combative like mine, but it also has a romantic side, which is also very close to me in spirit’, Ms. Pirozzi shared with us.

Alberto Mastromarino, who plays Scarpia, a negative character, sang this part for 350 times in his career. He can demonstrate his character’s anger through his voice so that the listener hates him. At a time when the main character kills him, the viewers are very pleased.Daniel Oren, a conductor, worked with this opera worldwide. To watch how the maestro conducts is a separate performance.

It is undisputed that this production will present a brilliant performance with special atmosphere and energy as well as Italian scenery and costumes from the legendary Teatro alla Scala.

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