Astana Opera House presents Swan Lake Ballet directed by Kazakh choreographers Tursynbek Nurkaliyev and Galiya Buribayeva

DSC_7383Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet ‘Swan Lake’ will be premiered on the stage of the Astana Opera House on April 25, 26, 27. Aigerim Beketayevaand Tair Gatauov will perform the main parts, Gaukhar Ussina and Rustem Seitbekov as second cast.

The stunning scenery and costumes were made in Kazakhstan under the strict guidance of the Italian masters Ezio Frigerio and FrancoSkuarchapinoFranco Skuarchapino skillfully plays with the color contrasts. The main peculiarity of her costumes from others artists ‘costumesfor this ballet is that she included the folklore motifs in the costumes of Hungarians, PolesNeapolitansSpaniards unlike her colleagues whomade the scene of ball pompous, goldsolemn.

The choreographers will present Swan Lake, the most mysterious and magical classical ballet that has folk motifs echoing with the mysteries of the deep philosophical thoughts about the feelings between a boy and a girl. After celebrating his coming of age Prince Siegfried goes to the chamber and sees a flock of swans from the window. He follows them. He decides to hunt and take his crossbow that his mother presented to him as a gift to adulthood. Prince is struck by the beauty of the Swans Odette. She tells a story that she like the rest of the swan-maidens are in power of an evil sorcerer – Von Rothbart, who has bewitched them. Only at night they take their true form; at sunrise they become birds again.

The enchantment will lose its power if a young man, who has never been in love before, will fall in love with and be true to her. Prince swears his love for her and promises to save her from the evil sorcerer. Tricky Rothbart appears in the guise of a noble knight with his daughter Odile. Siegfried is confused: this beauty looks so extraordinary similar to Odette, but something harsh, evil breaks this likeness. Siegfried loses his head and confesses his love for her. Evil sorcerer triumphs, Prince broke his oath to Odette. The German legends of this work have different endings but in our productions, good triumphs over evil. Rothbart dies absorbed by the storm that he, himself, has caused in order to destroy Siegfried. The image of a white swan remains as a symbol of purity, majesty and noble beauty.

Galiya Buribayeva noted that this 130 year old ballet cannot be radically changed as there are certain inviolable scenes that are considered to be masterpieces. ‘There are more than one thousand editions of this ballet in the world. We make editorial changes in the first act – the number of artists increased. There are also changes in the third act. There are slight changes in the dance at the ball. 32 swans indicate mood of the main parts. There are no changes in the plot, but the final, which ended tragically in the second half of the XX century, was revised and since

then a happy ending takes place. The sea absorbs the main parts in the original story’, Ms. Buribayeva said.

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