Astana Opera Soloist Madina Basbayeva to Perform in Don Quixote in France

_DSC5961An outstanding French choreographer Charles Jude invited Madina Basbayeva, the leading soloist of the Astana Opera House, to perform in ‘Don Quixote’ ballet by Ludwig Minkus at the National Theatre of Bordeaux. Madina Basbayeva will rehearse the lead role of Kitri with the French Ballet Troupe from April 28 until May 3. The production will be premiered in June this year. Our soloist will perform in 3 out of 8 plays.

It is not the first time Madina Basbayeva will be performing on the French stage. It should be recalled that Madina Basbayeva danced in the premiere production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ballet at the National Theatre of Bordeaux.

Charles Jude, the director of Bordeaux Ballet Company, said: ‘I was excited when Madina Basbayeva performed at the premiere of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as I attended the show. It was really incredible performance. And believe me, I watched many performances, and very often I was just bored. If the technique is not perfect and you feel nothing then it means the artist does not fulfill a task. The skills and technique of MadinaBasbayeva inspired me. Her work really deserves admiration, as she gives her soul to the audience’, Mr. Jude added.

After this premiere production, the choreographer invited Kazakh soloist to perform in June on the stage of Bordeaux Theatre.

First of all, ballerina thanked Tursynbek Nurkaliyev and Galiya Buribayeva, the teachers who taught her dance skills. ‘I hope the French audience will appreciate the technique proficiency of our ballet school. I am truly proud to represent the Astana Opera House. I am confident as the Bordeaux Ballet Company is nice and welcoming. The main part is very close to me. I am cheerful person and Kitri’s character is flirty and somewhat whimsical’, Ms. Basbayeva noted.

Ballerina said that the work with Charles Jude gave her invaluable experience. ‘Choreographer makes very valuable comments. European School of Ballet is different from ours in dance style. Everything is different and more free’, the soloist added.


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