One of the most ancient and extant ballets – Adolphe Adam’s Giselle was presented to the residents and guests of the capital. A special feature of this fantasy ballet were the mystical heroines – ghostly spirits of maidens, whom Giselle herself, ruined by her beloved, also joined. There were no empty seats in the auditorium […]

The Astana Opera is undergoing final preparations for the premiere of Adolphe Adam’s ballet Giselle. The legend, retold by Heinrich Heine, stirs the audience’s hearts for almost two centuries now. Fantastical spirits – the Wilis, Giselle, soaring at a height of five meters, impeccable choreography, and sets, hand-painted by Italian artists, make the Astana Opera’s […]

A masterpiece of musical art – G. Rossini’s comic opera “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” will be presented on October 12, 13 and 14 at the Astana Opera. The incredibly beautiful music from the opera was featured repeatedly in famous films, and the celebrated Figaro’s aria “Largo al factotum” and Rosina’s cavatina “Una voce poco fa” […]

Fantasy, fairytale, passion, emotions and love – all this is about the new production of G. Puccini’s opera Turandot. Stunning performances of the international and domestic opera stars, ultramodern sets created with the use of never before used theatrical technology, costumes with intricate Chinese cuts and numerous other surprises will amaze the viewers. Incredible in […]

Kazakh opera gem Birzhan – Sara by M. Tulebayev is returning to the Astana Opera’s stage in the new musical and scenic version. Moreover, the director’s staging, as well as sets, costumes and lighting will be on par with the best world opera houses. Incredible surprises will be revealed to the audience on the premiere […]

Everyone knows the name of this gypsy. She herself knows firsthand what a triumph is: directors of opera, drama, film projects, and ballet masters have repeatedly turned to the story of Prosper Merimee, the creator of the freedom-loving Carmen. After he saw this opera, P. Tchaikovsky’s assessment was, “It will be the most popular opera […]

The ballet Manon is a rare guest on the Kazakhstani stages. This choreographic masterpiece was born in Royal Opera House (London) and made the choreographer Kenneth MacMillan incredibly popular. It is generally believed that Manon is one of the most mysterious and popular heroines in the history of world art. What will the title character […]

Thanks to the fascinating film Kyz Zhibek, which was released in the country’s cinemas in 1970, the beautiful legend of love between two young hearts became widely known. Even so, in the theatrical circles, the folk poem about ‘the silk girl’ was sung much earlier – in 1934. Now, after 83 years, Y. Brusilovsky – G. […]

Cervantes addressed his novel Don Quixote to children and sages, though he was too modest in regards to his great work, and the Knight of the Rueful Countenance, accompanied by his faithful squire, continues his never-ending journey through the centuries and continents. Many film adaptations of the novel have been made; there are operas, symphonic poems, ballets. […]

Maurice Jarre’s renowned ballet Notre-Dame de Paris has won the hearts of many viewers worldwide, and on June 24 and 25, the residents and guests of Astana will be able to see this production. In the Main Hall of the Astana Opera House, the audience will meet the well-known characters of Victor Hugo’s novel – the enchanting […]

(Русский) Сочинение великого итальянского композитора Дж. Пуччини «Мадам Баттерфляй» более ста лет не сходит со сцен оперных театров мира. И теперь история любви Чио-Чио-cан тронет сердца зрителей «Астана Опера». Гениальное творение композитора в прочтении итальянского режиссера Лоренцо Амато можно будет увидеть, услышать и оценить 15 и 16 апреля.

It is not difficult to guess that the reference above is to L. Minkus’ bright and spectacular ballet “La Bayadere”, which will be the final premiere of the year for the Astana Opera. The magnificent sets and costumes, the refined props reflect all colors of mysterious India, its exotic flavor. The wait for the performance […]

In Anticipation of the Premiere The Astana Opera House is getting ready for the grand premiere of B. Asafyev’s ballet «The Fountain of Bakhchisarai». The main hall of the opera house will welcome true balletomanes, critics and ballet lovers on April 11 and 12. Kazakh choreographers Tursynbek Nurkaliyev and Galiya Buribayeva have created a new […]

The legendary choreographer Yuri Grigorovich is back at the “Astana Opera”. “The Nutcracker” is maestro’s third ballet to be staged at the metropolitan theatre. Recognized masterpieces of world choreography “Sleeping Beauty” and “Spartacus” staged by him were a huge hit with the Kazakhstani audience, we are confident that the ballet “The Nutcracker” – the world’s […]

The lead role in the ballet “Karagoz” will perform Anel Rustemova, it will be the debut as a leading soloist for the ballet artist. Arman Urazov will perform Syrym and Tair Gatauov will perform Narsha. The premiere of the national ballet, with choreography by the Professor of the European Ballet Academy, laureate of the international […]

A premiere production of Tosca opera will be held at the Astana Opera House. The theatrical scenery from Teatro alla Scala was moved to Astana. The magnificent costumes were created by Vera Marzot and Margherita Palli worked over the massive decorations. The works of the Italian masters were carefully transported from Milan, the theatrical heart of Italy. Huge columns weighing from 100 up to 500 pounds were constructed […]

One more concert took place in the Astana Opera Chamber Hall – and again it was unique and completely different from the others. It could not have been otherwise, since the Austrian conductor Vladimir Kiradgiev and brilliant violinist Yerzhan Kulibayev starred on the stage.

(Русский) Концерт «Шедевры хорового искусства» положил начало выступлений камерного хора театра «Астана Опера», открыв еще одну страничку в богатой творческой биографии хора под управлением Заслуженного деятеля Казахстана Ержана Даутова. Народная мудрость гласит: «на вкус и цвет – товарища нет», как оказалось хоровая музыка, пока еще не совсем близкая молодежи, смогла объединить поколения, но обо всем по порядку.

Peter and the Wolf’, a famous fairy tale composed by outstanding Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev tale in Kazakh language will be staged at the Astana Opera House from January 7 to January 9, 2014.

‘Peter and the Wolf’ tale is spoken by a narrator and accompanied by the symphony orchestra. It is so called a ‘Guide to the Orchestra’. The exciting fairy tale is introducing children to classical music. It is one of the most performed musical works in the world.

(Русский) ?25 января творческий коллектив театра «Астана Опера» представил зрителям новую версию «лирических сцен» на сюжет произведения А.С. Пушкина и музыку П.И. Чайковского. «Татьянин день» — это полуконцертный вариант оперы «Евгений Онегин» с небольшими сокращениями, исполненный под рояль.
Автор праздничного концерта Абзал Мухитдинов выступал в качестве дирижера и чтеца спектакля. Находясь не на сцене, он тем не менее был важным действующим лицом, его проникновенный голос, рассказывающий историю, завораживающе воздействовал на зрителей.

The scenery and costumes for Swan Lake Ballet has been made in Kazakhstan. The ballet is directed by Kazakh choreographer Tursynbek Nurkaliyev. He had 25 years of work experience as director-choreographer. Mr. Nurkaliyev has no reputation as experimenter due to this a ballet will be staged strictly following the classical canon.   The workshop for production of […]

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