Aigerim Beketayeva to perform with Eifman Ballet in Budapest and London

d00cfdc2211c0f1The leading ballet dancer of the Astana Opera House Aigerim Beketayeva received an offer from the People’s Artist of Russia Boris Eifman toperform with his troupe in early April in Budapest and from April 15 to 19 in London Colosseum.

Boris Eifman, the world-renowned Russian choreographer, the director of the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre was greatly impressed by AigerimBeketayeva’s technical, artistic skills and her professional level when he saw her playing the role of The Dying Swan at the Mariinsky Theatre as part of Kazakh theatre’s tour to Russia.

Prior to this, People’s Artist of Russia worked with the Astana Opera troupe on the premiere of the Rodin ballet as Aigerim Beketayeva performed the part of Camille Claudel. A young Kazakh dancer will play the same part in the European theatres. The choreography of the ballet is not of classical ballet. The main character of the ballet is a human body and its capabilities. It is a great honor for Aigerim Beketayeva as Boris Eifman has never invited the artists from other theatres to play in his performances. The UK premiere of Rodin ballet will take place in London.

Aigerim Beketayeva graduated from Seleznev Almaty Choreographic School. She won the International Ballet Competition in Varna (Bulgaria) in 2012. She became the winner of the Rudolf Nureyev International Ballet Competition a year later and a diploma winner of the XII International Ballet Competition and choreographers (Moscow). Ms. Beketayeva admits that she opened Eifman dance style for herself and her main goal is to achieve perfection. ‘I read a lot of books and watched movies about Camille Claudel in order to convey the feelings and emotions that she experienced. A great work has been done. The artists specifically visited a psychiatric hospital in order to feel the atmosphere for performing this role’. Sha says that after a few years there will be quite different Camilla as she will grow.

The artistic director of the Astana Opera Ballet Tursynbek Nurkaliyev noted that it is a great honor that the soloists have such good professional level and can be invited to perform in other theatres so that Astana Opera House enters the list of the world’s leading theaters.

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