Choreographer – CHARLES JUDEromeo
Musical Director and Conductor – GIUSEPPE AQUAVIVA
Set Designer – EZIO FRIGERIO
Lighting Designer – VINICIO CHELI
Projections Designer – SERGIO METALLI
Assistant Choreographer – ERIC QUILLERE
Production Manager – GUIDO RICCI

Juliet – Madina Basbaeva, Gaukhar Usina, Aigerim Beketaeva

Romeo – Tair Gatauov, Rustem Seytbekov, Erkin Rakhmatullayev

Tybalt – Baurzhan Mekembayev, Serzhan Kaukov, Doszhan Tabyldy

Mercutio – Arman Urazov, Serik Nakysbekov, Doszhan Tabyldy

Act I
Scene 1. Town Square 
The ongoing struggle between the Montagues and the Capulets divided Verona into two camps. Romeo, a young Montague, is unsuccessfully seeking the love of beautiful Rosaline. The meeting of the two feuding clans soon turns into a confrontation. Montague’s nephew, Benvolio tries to repress his camp’s aggressiveness, but Tybalt, Capulet’s nephew, a big bully, on the contrary, brings the enemies to controversy.
Swordsman Mercutio is waiting for the growth of hostilities so that he can demonstrate his brilliant swordcraft. The Prince of Verona’s arrival stops the fight began.
Scene 2. Juliet’s room
Juliet is fooling around and gaily playing with her nurse. Signor and Signora Capulet come in and interrupt the careless romp. Sedately and strictly mother tells her daughter to stop being naughty: Juliet is the fianc?e now. The parents announce to a young girl that they have chosen the husband for her, whose name is Paris and who is introduced to her immediately. Juliet is hardly interested in her parents’ decision; she just laughs in response…
Scene 3. Near the Capulets’s house
The ball is announced to be held at the Capulet palace. Dressed-up grand people of Verona are preparing for the celebration. Romeo tries to demonstrate his feelings for Rosaline, but she rejects his addresses. Benvolio and jolly fellow Mercutio persuade Romeo to attend the ball. Having put on masks and pretending to be musicians, they sneak into the palace.
Scene 4. The Capulet ball
Accompanied by Tybalt, Signor and Signora Capulet open the ball. Juliet accepts Paris’s offer to dance. Juliet’s purity, charm, and poetry reveal in her dance. Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio are still masked. Once Romeo meets Juliet’s gaze, he can not take his eyes off her. Juliet is also dazed and stirred by a deep emotion. To divert attention from the emerging fire love of Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio decides to entertain the guests. Having put on a hilarious mask, he convulses the audience. Using the fact that Mercutio has captured everyone’s attention, Romeo comes to Juliet and excitedly tells her about the feeling that has emerged in his heart. Accidentally the mask falls from his face. Juliet is astonished by the beauty and nobility of Romeo. Love has inflamed in Juliet’s heart too…
Having recognized Romeo, Tybalt demands that he should leave the ball. Lord Capulet convinces Tybalt not to spoil the feast and to the horror of the last invites Romeo to continue having fun.
Scene 5. The balcony scene 
While Juliet is preparing for bed, Romeo lurks in the garden and watches her window. Mercutio and Benvolio, having set out in search of their friend Romeo, meet Tybalt and an inevitable quarrel takes place. The garden is quiet, and when Juliet appears on the balcony, Romeo comes to her. Lovers swear to each other in the eternal and immutable feelings…
Act II
Scene 1. Town Square
The image of the beloved girl seized Romeo’s thoughts.
Unable to bear even the briefest separation from her sweetheart, Juliet sends Romeo a letter which should be given to him by the Nurse.
Hundreds of townspeople are dancing tarantella, singing, and frolicking in the town square, greeting the gala day and truce between the Montagues and the Capulets, announced by the Prince of Verona. In search of Romeo, the Nurse gets into the thick of carnival fun. Mischief-makers Mercutio and Benvolio tease her, but she remains faithful to her mission: to hand over a letter from Juliet to Romeo. And here he is. The letter has been handed. Romeo reverently reads Juliet‘s message. She agrees to become his wife…
Scene 2. Cell of Padre Laurence
Romeo comes to the cell of Padre Laurence. He tells about his love for Juliet and asks him to marry them. Touched by the purity and strength of Romeo and Juliet’s feelings, Laurence agrees. And when Juliet enters the cell, Laurence blesses their union…
Scene 3. Town Square
The carnival is roaring and swirling in the square of Verona. Romeo’s friends Mercutio and Benvolio are among the joyous Veronese. Having seen Mercutio Tybalt starts a quarrel and challenges him to a duel. Coming in time Romeo tries to quite the squabbling, but Tybalt mocks at Romeo, calling him a coward. And when Romeo removes Mercutio’s sword to prevent the bloodshed, Tybalt fatally wounds Mercutio. Being convulsed with grief, revenging for the favored friend, Romeo engages in battle with Tybalt and kills him. Juliet’s mother runs out of the Capulet house and calls for revenge. Benvolio takes Romeo away. Romeo should escape immediately.
Scene 4. Juliet’s room 
At night Romeo secretly sneaks into Juliet’s room to see his beloved before parting … Dawn is at hand. For a long time lovers are saying goodbye. Finally, Romeo leaves.
In the morning Juliet’s parents announce that her wedding day with Paris has already been set. Juliet pleads her parents to spare her life and not to force her to an alliance with the unloved man. But their will is adamant. Juliet desperately thinks about death…
Scene 5. Cell of Padre Laurence
Swallowed up in despair Juliet seeks for Laurence’s advice. He gives Juliet a drug, having drunk which she will be put into a deep deathlike sleep. Meanwhile, Laurence will inform Romeo who is hiding in Mantua. Romeo will come back and take her away from the open crypt. Juliet gladly accepts Laurence’s plan. But Romeo will never know about it in time…
Scene 6. Juliet’s room
Surrounded by musicians and dancers, Paris comes; pretending to be obedient Juliet gives her consent to the marriage. Left alone and haunted by Romeo’s image, Juliet takes the drug. In the morning the Nurse finds her lifeless…
Scene 7. The road from Mantua
News of Juliet’s death comes to Mantua, where Romeo has fled. Heartbroken Romeo hurries back to Verona. The funeral cortege moves. Juliet rests in an open coffin. The coffin is placed in the family crypt…
Scene 8. The Capulet family crypt.
Night. Romeo runs to the cemetery. He crouches to the tomb, bids farewell to Juliet and drinks the poison…
Juliet awakens, her consciousness and memory do not immediately return to her. But having found herself in the cemetery, she remembers everything. Her gaze falls on Romeo. She rushes to him. Saying goodbye to him, saying goodbye to life Juliet stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger…

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