Dramatic pages of love

Ballet in 2 acts and 9 scenes with a prologue and requiem

based on the eponymous tragedy by Mukhtar AUEZOV

Production group:

Author of LibrettoChoreographer and Stage Director – VAKIL USMANOV (Austria)

Music Director and ConductorAuthor of the Music Version – ABZAL MUKHITDINOV, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Assistant-Conductor – ARMAN URAZGALIYEV

Lighting Designer – DMITRIJ SIMKIN (Germany)

Assistant Choreographer – SERGEY KHEYLIK (USA)

Performance with one intermission

Running time 2 hours 30 minutes

Roles and performers:

KARAGOZ, Nursha’s bride Anel RUSTEMOV

Madina BASBAEVAHonored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan


MORZHAN, Karagoz’s grandmother Gaukhar USINA, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Madina BASBAEVAHonored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan

SYRYM, young poet Arman URAZOV

Bakhtiyar ADAMZHAN

NARSHA, Karagoz’s groom Tair GATAUOVHonored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan


MATAI, Narsha’s friend Azamat ZHANKABAEV

Jakshylyk TOLOBAEV

KOSKELDY, Syrym’s friend Baurzhan BORANBAEV

DAULETKELDY, Syrym’s friend Sundet SULTANOV

ASAN, poet from Narsha’s entourage Eldar SARSEMBAYEV




TEKTY, Narsha’s mother Assel KENZHEBEKOVA

TOISARY, Narsha’s relative Rakhmetulla NAUANOV



BAS KULAN Serzhan KAUKOV, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Brides, friends, kulans, dragonfliesNarsha’s entourage, young mengirls, elders



Solo violin – Kalamkas ZHUMABAEVA, solo soprano – Aizada KAPONOVA

Solo trumpet – Alexander USIKString QuartetBagdat ABILKHANOV (violin),

Gaukhar NUSIPBAYEVA (violin), Zhanar AKHATOVA (viola), Kurvandzhan AKHATOV (cello)




Scene one

Three friends: Syrym, Koskeldy and Dauletkeldy are voicing their songs to the steppe. They are Sals – free singers, entertainers of people. Syrym is the most masterly of them, his songs are full of love and his friends admire him.


Scene two

A picturesque place near a mountain spring. Here young people from the village usually meet to have fun and dates. Barely awake, the pupils of the great Morzhan of the richest clan Oser, accompanied by their mentors, are in a hurry to get to the mountain lake. Karagoz, the sole and beloved granddaughter of the baybishe Morzhan, is a rare beauty. She is looking forward to the upcoming arrival and the wedding with a handsome young man from a wealthy clan Dosan, who she has never seen before, but heard a lot about his education, humility and large bride-price, which was paid for her to the clan Oser.

The girls enjoy chilly morning. They try to draw Karagoz in their merriment but Karagoz is absorbed with the upcoming wedding and is ready to accept Narsha as her intended and devote her life to him. Thus, she and the pupils of the great Morzhan were trained to become perfect wives to rich dzhigits in the future. The fame of the beauty, chastity, and soft obedient disposition of the brides from this rich and famous clan is known in all the villages. Morzhan gets large bride-prices for each of the brides.

The friends play a joke on Karagoz. One is dressed as Narsha, others came in as her favorite dragonflies. The prank has frightened Karagoz. She is overcome with fear that drove her to the steppe. Fear of getting lost and a panic intensified her hereditary disease that her maternal grandmother has died from…

Syrym rushes to the cries for help, he recognized the voice of Karagoz. They are childhood friends, both having lost their mothers early and they often grieved about it together.

And now she is in strong hands of her savior Syrym. All the feelings that she has prepared for her future husband, she now transferred onto Syrym. A new world, previously unknown to her maiden soul, captured her entirely… They exchange their talismans in testimony of the first love.



Scene three

The wedding selebration can be heard all over the Oser clan region. More and more guests are coming here. Horsemen compete in agility, girls in grace. Sal Asan is deftly managing everything taking place. Everyone is waiting for the bride and groom. The bride Karagoz, surrounded by her friends, is as if floating in the bustle of the festivities…

The whole procession of majestic appearance of baybishe Morzhan – the keeper of the honor of the clan Oser, proclaims to the gathering the beginning of the culmination of the celebration – a holy blessing of the young couple.

The groom’s wedding procession is approaching… The union will rally the two powerful clans.

The Rite of Holy Blessing is cemented with the parents’ prayer. Everything is concluded with a solemn procession.

Friends restrain Syrym… He is in despair, his heart is bursting with grief… He must shout to all that he and Karagoz love each other, that this wedding is a bitter mistake in their fate, and he is willing to fix it now. However, one can not trample ancestors’ covenants…

Karagoz loses consciousness, her friends pick her up. Celebration is in full swing!


Scene four

Karagoz is saying goodbye to her friends and her free maiden life is left behind. Baybishe Morzhan appears: the grandmother’s love is never ending, the separation is bitterly painful. Today Karagoz must enter into the yurt of her husband and become a devoted wife. She does not love Narsha, as her heart belongs to another. Morzhan does not understand her granddaughter. In their family there is no concept of «loves – does not love», only of «must». She was married once also, no one asked her about her feelings, and now… she is rich, powerful and happy with it. Karagoz has to take this final step too.


Scene five

Narsha confesses his love to Karagoz and proclaims her his ruler. Karagoz is ready to be his wife, but her heart belongs to another…

Narsha is destroyed. Karagoz leaves Otau and escapes to her beloved Syrym.

Morzhan has witnessed his shame and is ready to help Narsha to find Karagoz.


Scene six

Karagoz’s beloved is hiding in here: she came to him and is ready to die with him… Syrym is happy to see her and they will never be apart ever again… But he can not accept her as a wife – she is a wife of another. He will be cursed by the clan Oser. Karagoz is in despair. Running away is their only option.


Scene seven

The pursuers catch up with the lovers. They have to answer for violating the law of the ancestors, shaming the whole clan Oser. They are facing a severe punishment. Karagoz goes insane.



Scene eight

Narsha carries his burden under the weight of Fate. He will never leave his beloved Karagoz and believes that she will recover, that sanity will come back to her, and they will be happy…

In her clouded mind Karagoz perceives her husband as a kind and obedient donkey, while other people are nimble dragonflies and fast kulans… She dragsNarsha to the world of the other, changed consciousness where everything is perfect and peaceful, like in nature.

She hears the familiar sounds of kobyz, they are full of grief and sorrow, but so dear to her heart – only her beloved Syrym could play so. But that her beloved grandmother Morzhan, who turned into a dragonfly, plays soulfully. Morzhan leads hordes of dragonflies, their flight is to the vast expanse of the steppe, to the oasis, where great mystery is happening – the origin of life.

As a child, Karagoz has heard that in nature the strong kill the weak after lovemaking. What a sad story!!! She would never be so cruel! And she treats her “donkey” tenderly.

Karagoz is beautiful in her purity and innocence! Narsha believes in her healing and the most important medicine – his endless love. Another crisis grips Karagoz. Narsha is trying to save her. He is determined to die together with her rather than leaving her.

Kulans have felt the death approaching: they are excited, aggressive, ready to trample and destroy everything around them. Narsha wants to stop their onslaught and enters into combat, the frightened dragonflies make a protective wall around Karagoz. Kulans retreat.

Seeing the approach of death, Narsha encourages his friend Matai, who has to manage to announce the sad news to Syrym and pass the amulet from Karagoz in time. His appearance can drastically change the situation. Karagoz will recognize him and, perhaps, the sanity will return to her…

Getting the amulet from Matai, Syrym rushes to the meeting…

Reason returns to Karagoz, she recognizes happily her beloved.

Fate brought the dying Karagoz with dear to her Syrym and Narsha – each is willing to give his life for her, but life leaves Karagoz… She found happiness in her bitter unhappiness.

The sounds of kobyz are mourning Karagoz while she is being prepared for the funeral. Syrym is in despair, he will avenge his beloved’s death.

The lone wolf’s howl swept over the steppe – this is the last thing left for Narsha. He will never be apart from her… together they will continue along the path to the edge of Nothingness.


Scene nine

The tragedy of Karagoz has shaken the world of Morzhan and makes her realize that love is more powerful than death. Over the steppe a song about Karagoz is heard, glorifying all-conquering love – the only eternal feeling on the Earth…

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