Ludwig Minkus

La Bayadère

Ballet in 3 acts and 5 scenes


Libretto by Marius Petipa and Sergei Khudekov

Choreography by Marius Petipa

revised by Vladimir Ponomaryov and Vakhtang Chabukiani

with dances by Konstantin Sergeyev and Nikolai Zubkovsky

Choreographer – Altynai Asylmuratova, People’s Artist of Russia

Assistant Choreographers – Konstantin ZaklinskyHonoured Artist of Russia Yelena Sherstnyova

Conductor and Musical Director – Arman Urazgaliyev

Set Designer – Ezio Frigerio (Italy)

Costume Designer – Franca Squarciapino (Italy)

Projections Designer – Sergio Metalli (Italy)

Lighting Designer – Vinicio Cheli (Italy)

A performance with 2 intermissions

Running time – 2 hours 55 minutes


Nikiya – Madina BasbayevaHonoured Worker of Kazakhstan / Aigerim Beketayeva / Nazerke Aimukhametova

Solor – Yerkin Rakhmatullayev / Tair GatauovHonoured Worker of Kazakhstan / Bakhtiyar Adamzhan

Gamzatti – Gaukhar UssinaHonoured Worker of Kazakhstan / Anel Rustemova

The High Brahmin – Ildar Shakirzyanov / Zhanibek Imankulov

The Rajah Dugmanta – Rakhmetulla Nauanov Ildar Shakirzyanov Zhanibek Imankulov

The Golden (Bronze) Idol – Eldar Sarsembayev Serik Nakyspekov

Magedaveya – Serik Nakyspekov / Eldar Sarsembayev

A Slave – Baurzhan Mekembayev Zhandos AubakirovHonoured Worker of Kazakhstan / Sunggat Kydyrbay

Toloragva – Marat Abdrakhmanov / Zhanibek Akhmediyev

Gumpe – Mariko Kitamura / Aydys Saaya / Inna Chutkova / Moldir Shakimova

Manu – Gulzira Zhantemir / Assel Kussainova / Aizhan Kazhybayeva

Aya – Ulmeken Bektayeva

Shades, soloists – Assel Kussainova / Aydys Saaya / Yelena Semenova / Gulzira Zhantemir / Natalya Kondya / Anastasia Zaklinskaya / Aisha Kaldybekova / Nazerke Aimukhametova

Indian dance – Aisha Kaldybekova / Moldir Shakimova / Nazira Zayetova /

Doszhan Tabyldy / Sunggat Kydyrbay / Ildar Shakirzyanov

A Drummer – Bostan Kozhabekov / Olzhas Makhanbetaliyev / Nikolay Korshunov

Grand Pas, de Deux – Azamat Zhankabayev / Bauyrzhan Buranbayev / Sunggat Kydyrbay / Mukhtar Dzhumaniyazov

De Quatre grand – Yelena Semenova / Aydys Saaya / Aisha Kaldybekova / Almagul Umytpayeva / Seika Tonosaki / Natalya Kondya / Alina Albayeva / Adelina Tulepova / Dilyara Myngaliyeva / Anastasia Zaklinskaya

De Quatre petit – Assel Kussainova / Aizhan Kazhybayeva / Assel Ospanbayeva / Inna Chutkova / Gulzira Zhantemir / Anel Yeskaliyeva / Zhuldyz Zhumazhanova / Mariko Kitamura


Management reserves the right to substitute artists



First scene

A group of noble young warriors comes back from hunting a tiger. The famous warrior Solor persuades the fakir Magedaveya to tell the bayadère Nikiya that he wishes to meet with her that night near the temple walls.

The solemn procession of priests and bayadères, headed by the Great Brahmin, opens the feast of the fire worship. The culmination of this celebration is adorned by the dance of the beautiful Nikiya.

Having forgotten about his ordination and vows of celibacy, the High Brahmin confesses to Nikiya that he loves her. He promises her all the riches of India – whatever she wishes. Terrified Nikiya rejects him.

Night falls and Nikiya comes secretly to meet Solor. Solor asks the bayadère to flee with him somewhere, where no one knows them and where they will find happiness. However, the High Brahmin manages to overhear their passionate conversation and swears revenge on the lovers.

Second scene

The Rajah Dugmanta tells his daughter Gamzatti that she will marry the brave warrior Solor. Gamzatti is happy, while Solor, on the other hand, is thrown into confusion: he cannot reject such an honour, but he loves Nikiya and has sworn eternal fidelity to her!..

Nikiya is invited to the palace for the ceremony of consecrating Gamzatti’s betrothal. The High Brahmin arrives. Hoping to do away with Solor, he tells the Rajah about Nikiya and Solor’s secret love. The Rajah is infuriated but doesn’t change his decision: Solor will marry his daughter and the bayadère must die. The High Brahmin didn’t expect such a turn of events. He threatens the rajah with punishment of the Gods for the bayadère’s death. But the Rajah is unrelenting.

Gamzatti overhears this conversation. She orders her slave to bring Nikiya. She deliberately shows her the portrait of her fiance. Nikiya is in despair, she protests: Solor loves only her and will belong to her alone. Gamzatti demands and even begs Nikiya to give up Solor, but the bayadère would rather die than part with her beloved.

In a rage, Nikiya raises her dagger to strike her rival, but a slave girl saves Gamzatti from imminent death.



Third scene

The square in front of the Rajah’s palace. The wedding of Solor and Gamzatti is underway.

The dancing Nikiya is presented a basket of roses, out of which a snake crawls and bites the bayadère fatally. This is the revenge of Gamzatti.

The High Brahmin promises her an antidote if she forgets Solor. But the bayadère is faithful to her love. Dying, she reminds her beloved of his vow.



Forth scene

Solor is inconsolable. He is gnawed by remorse. Magedaveya attempts to divert him from his grief, and so he calls for a snake charmer. Solor falls asleep to the sound of the flute.

Fifth scene

Shadows appear to Solor out of the darkness. They are descending from mountains in a long line. Solor sees Nikiya among them… She beckons him to follow her…

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