Dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Astana and the 25th Anniversary of TURKSOY

Talented musicians from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Tatarstan (Russia) will perform as part of the TURKSOY Youth Chamber Choir at the Astana Opera Chamber Hall. The concert dedicated to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana and the 25th anniversary of TURKSOY will take place on October 19.

The performance of TURKSOY Youth Chamber Choir will take place under the direction of the conductor – “Madeniet Kairatkeri”, Professor Gulmira Kuttybadamova.

The TURKSOY Youth Chamber Choir was founded in 2015 on initiative of the Secretary General of TURKSOY, Honoured Artist of Kazakhstan Dusen Kasseinov. The collective successfully tours Asia and Europe. The choir’s repertoire features songs of Turkic peoples, works by contemporary Turkic composers, and masterpieces of Western European choral music.

At the Chamber Hall, the TURKSOY Choir will perform famous Kazakh folk song “Karatorgai”, as well as works by national composers, among them S. Seifullin’s “Tau Іshіnde”, B. Baikadamov’s “Su Tasushy Kyz”, B. Zhandarov’s “Sagynam”.

This evening, choral music of Turkic peoples – Kyrgyz “Komuzchu” and “Suygoynum chiksa bolboybu”, Azerbaijani “Nə baxırsan”, Tatar  “Karasuvnun dort koshesi” and “Teftilau”, Turkish “Niksarın Fidanları”, “Ben giderim Batuma”, “Ayvanın irisine”, Turkmen folk song “Bibizhan”, Uzbek “Kilpillama” will be featured for the residents and guests of the capital.

In addition, the artists will demonstrate their skills in the genre of traditional American spirituals, performing such works as “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, and others.

The concert will begin at 19:00.

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