Pirate Brotherhood

Two significant debuts will take place in A. Adam’s spectacular ballet Le Corsaire staged by the Artistic Director of the Astana Opera Ballet Company, People’s Artist of Russia Altynai Asylmuratova. On November 17, the opera house’s Principal Dancer Bakhtiyar Adamzhan will perform the part of Ali for the first time. A day earlier, on November 16, on the stage of the Astana Opera Grand Hall the ballet soloist Serik Nakyspekov debuts in the role of a crafty merchant Isaac Lanquedem.

In the fascinating adventure ballet about the life of sea robbers, the role of Ali is always performed by the most brilliant, artistic principal dancers with top-notch technique and outstanding acting skills. The spectacular variation of Ali and his pas de deux with Medora is often featured in the programs of ballet competitions and gala concerts. This character is very different from all the others in the ballet. Airborne jumps, breathtaking pirouettes, at the same time ‘cat-like’ limber plastique, exquisite style and graceful poses of the hero never fail to delight the audience.

Masterful Principal Dancer of the Astana Opera, grand prix winner of many prestigious international competitions, the audience’s favourite Bakhtiyar Adamzhan, who has created a number of unique character portrayals not only at the capital’s opera house, but also at leading international venues, fully possesses these qualities. It is not difficult for the artist to perform diverse roles, sometimes in the same production, because he knows how to find an approach to every character.

In order to show a top-level performance, the principal dancer has approached the preparation for his debut in this difficult role with great responsibility.

“Ali is a true friend and servant of Conrad. Being rescued by him, he promised himself to serve him his whole life. Therefore, he must always be with his captain, and, if necessary, at any time, sacrifice his life for Conrad. I think that there is rather a close friendship between them than a relationship between a master and his slave. My hero is a strong-willed person, who, first of all, is honest with himself, modest, is constantly ready to give his support, never betrays and always honors his word. Ali is like a shadow, he should not be heard during the performance, his appearances and departures are unnoticed by the audience, but they see his constant presence. I think that our trio will turn out splendid, musical and will be very popular with the viewers,” noted Bakhtiyar Adamzhan.

Talented soloist of the Astana Opera Ballet Company, international competitions laureate Serik Nakyspekov is preparing the part of the cunning merchant Isaac Lanquedem.

“Of the many striking characters of the ballet Le Corsaire, Isaac Lanquedem is the most interesting to me. This part is not only highly technical, considerable acting skills are also necessary here. The dancer is free to interpret the role in his own way, and there is also a lot of freedom in the foot positions, poses, while there is a constant interaction with the corps de ballet. The most important thing in the character’s personality is his persistence in achieving his goals and his vehemence when hunting for profit. Despite the fact that Conrad stole his captive Medora from him, Lanquedem still came after her again. The most important thing for me is to convey to the audience the interpretation of my hero, his cunning and greed. I sincerely hope that the performance will take place at the highest level,” said Serik Nakyspekov.

Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Aigerim Beketayeva, Anel Rustemova will perform the part of Medora. Conrad – Arman Urazov, Olzhas Tarlanov. On November 16, Yerkin Rakhmatullayev will portray Ali, and on November 17 Zhanserik Akhmetov will be giving his interpretation of the role of Isaac Lanquedem. Birbanto – Olzhas Makhanbetaliev, Ildar Shakirzyanov. Seyd Pasha – Rakhmetulla Nauanov, Zhanadil Beisembiyev. Gulnare – Shugyla Adepkhan, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Madina Basbayeva.

Choreographer – world famous prima, the Artistic Director of the Astana Opera Ballet Company, People’s Artist of Russia Altynai Asylmuratova, Assistant Choreographers – Honored Artist of Russia Konstantin Zaklinsky and Elena Sherstneva. Set Designer – outstanding contemporary theatre designer Ezio Frigerio, Costume Designer – an Academy Award winner Franca Squarciapino, Projections Designer – Sergio Metalli, Lighting Designer – Jacopo Pantani. The Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra will perform under the baton of Music Director and Conductor Arman Urazgaliyev.

On November 16, the performance will begin at 19:00, and on November 17 – at 18:00.

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