Dialogue with the Classics

One of the most famous Kazakhstani collectives on the world music scene – the Gaziza Zhubanova State String Quartet will present a new program to listeners. The concert “Dialogue of Musical Eras” from the “Kazakh Quartet Invites” series will be held on November 11 at the Astana Opera Chamber Hall.

Great sound, exciting interpretations of world classical masterpieces, stage charisma made the artistic collective popular not only at home but also abroad. The string quartet includes recognized musicians, international competitions laureates Aidar Toktaliyev (1st violin), Alexey Lebedev (2nd violin), Bekzat Sailaubaiuly (viola), as well as the Artistic Director Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Yernar Myntayev (cello). Within the framework of one concert, the artists will demonstrate a brilliant interpretation of works of various genres and eras: classicism, romanticism and music of the 20th century.

This evening, W.A. Mozart’s String Quartet No. 15 in D minor will be featured. Among the numerous works written by W.A. Mozart for chamber ensembles, string quartets enjoy special recognition. String quartet No. 15 in D minor, notable for its distinct dramatic character and expressiveness, is the second (and most popular) of six quartets dedicated to the author’s older friend – outstanding composer J. Haydn. These opuses are among the most famous works of the Austrian classic. They have become known as fundamental in their genre and are often featured at concerts, in radio programs and recordings.

The musicians will perform H. Wolf’s Italian Serenade, W17/2. This is a vivid example of the romantic composer’s distinctive style and evidence of the versatility of his talent. The instrumental miniature is interpreted as a program dramatic scene, in which there is a declaration of love between two characters: a daring male and a flirty female. The composition wins over the listeners with an abundance of ardent dance themes, expressive instrumental recitations of the solo cello, as well as the scenic clarity of the characters, their behavior, dynamically expressed psychological state, which includes unaffected tenderness, passion and cunning.

D. Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 5 in B-flat major, op. 92 will be presented to the attention of the residents and guests of the capital. In the extensive heritage of the renowned 20th century composer, which covers all genres and musical forms, string quartets occupy an important place. String quartet No. 5 is distinguished by its tragic demeanor and emotional intensity. The music begins to get more and more passionate until a tender lyrical melody erupts, then considerable tension and drama are raised, culminating in a peaceful closing. In his work, D. Shostakovich alludes to personal matters. Perhaps this explains the intense agitation expressed in thrilling counterpoint in the quartet’s first movement.

The concert will begin at 18:00.

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